UNM Study Proves Effectiveness of our MDC MMT

UNM Study Proves Effectiveness of our MDC MMT

Earlier this year, our Methadone Maintenance Treatment Program (MMT) at Bernalillo County’s Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) was in the news. At that time, there was debate over the need for such a program and the County Commissioners contemplated stopping the program completely. However, given strong outcry from the public and experts in the field of addiction medicine, the program was continued. Additionally, the Commissioners requested a scientific study be done to investigate the effectiveness of the MDC methadone program. UNM was asked to complete this study and they have now done so, reporting their findings at the County Commissioners meeting on 12/10/13.

The study, completed under UNM PhD’s, was an in depth look into both the published scientific research regarding methadone treatment for inmates, as well as the effectiveness of the program run by Recovery Services of New Mexico at MDC. 

They have solidly proven that the MMT program at MDC is a much needed entity that not only benefits those addicted to opioids but also our society. 

Funding has always been a battle for the MDC MMT, however this study clearly demonstrates that continuing the program actually saves the county money through decreased rearrests of MMT patients.

These findings were very well received by the Commissioners and a motion to continue the program under Recovery Services of New Mexico was proposed and unanimously passed.

All in all, we are very pleased with the findings of the study and proud of what Recovery Services of New Mexico has accomplished with the MMT at MDC. It has been an arduous process keeping the program alive and we hope this study gives the necessary push needed to make it a solid fixture. 

We look forward to continuing the MMT program at MDC as we strongly believe it is the right thing to do for opiate addicted patients and for our society. 

Please read the study for yourself: Click Here

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