David Bugarin Receives Outstanding Citizen Award

David Bugarin Receives Outstanding Citizen Award

In the latter part of 2015, Roswell City Councillor, Tabitha Denny, proposed the idea of an Outstanding Citizen Award to the city council, and council members approved it in early 2016. Each quarter, a committee comprised of city councillors and appointed city staff members consider all of the nominations for the award and selects an honoree. The inaugural award was presented to David Bugarin by Tabitha Denny at the city council meeting on April 14th, 2016.

Mr. Bugarin was a deserving recipient of this award as he has demonstrated initiative, creativity, and excellence in his effort toRSoNM enhance the quality of life for City of Rowell residents through his work at Recovery Services of New Mexico, as a licensed substance abuse and addictions counsellor.

Prior to his work with Recovery Services of New Mexico, Mr. Bugarin had been in jail or prison for a total of seven years as the result of being involved in drugs, crime, and gangs. He then turned his life around and made the decision to live his life by following God; a decision that changed his life for the better. He now helps others break free of their opiate dependency to help them live better lives.

In addition to his work as a substance abuse and addictions counsellor, Mr. Bugarin volunteers with various youth ministries and works with Wings for Life to counsel teens that are incarcerated at the Juvenile Detention Center in Chaves County. Further, he sits on the New Mexico Addictions Education Network board of directors and has acted as a volunteer at the Road Runner Food Bank.

Tom Wildermuth, spokesperson for the City of Roswell, said that Mr. Bugarin ‘has a big heart when it comes to helping at-risk youths or anyone who needs a helping hand, whether their problem is relatively simple or requires a major life change.’

Any youth or adult may be nominated for the Outstanding Citizen Award, and must meet the following criteria

  • Demonstrates creativity, excellence and initiative in the community to help residents improve their quality of life
  • Inspires others to get involved in the community’s vision
  • Devotes a significant amount of time and energy to improve the quality of life for others in the community
  • Demonstrates integrity, loyalty, a positive attitude, dedication, and above and beyond service to the community

If you want to nominate an individual for the Outstanding Citizen Award, the online nomination form can be found here: http://roswell-nm.gov/images/library/File/Roswell%20OCA%20Application(1).pdf




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